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Yedid Nefesh is the handwork of a wise and learned craftsman author, Rav Yechiel Bar Lev.
His writings are true and well-founded
Rabbi Ovadia Yossef
Rishon Lezion Chief Rabbi of Israel
Yedid Nefesh is an appropriate name for Rav Yechiel Bar Lev, for he is a friend of the Jewish soul.
His writings are sweeter than honey and crystal clear.
I give my blessings that the Almighty will help Rav Yechiel be successful in all his endeavors.
Rabbi Yitchak Kadouri
The Oldest Kabalist
Yedid Nefesh translated the Zohar into plain and simple language that everyone can understand.
Now it is easy to learn the Zohar with Yedid Nefesh.
We pray to Heaven the He should give Rav Yechiel Bar Lev the strength and means to continue his holy work.
Rabbi Shalom Hadia
Head of Yeshiva of M’kubalim (Kabbalist's Yeshiva)
Jerusalem OLD CITY
Rav Yechiel Bar Lev explains Torah in clear language that everyone can understand
 – the beginner and learned alike
Rabbi Shlomo Fisher
Head of the Religious Supreme Court of Israel
Yedid Nefesh helps enables readers understand the meaning of established commentaries.
May it be the will of G-d that Rav Yechiel Bar Lev personify bar levav in Psalm 24 – clear thinking.
Rabbi Avraham Yaakov Freidman
Admor Sdigura
Through Yedid Nefesh everyone can quickly learn according to his level of understanding. Rabbi Yigal Rozen, Head of Yeshiva OR ISRAEL

Rav Dr. Bar-Lev learned Torah at the Ponovitcher Yeshiva in Bnei Brak. He was ordained Rabbi from leading Rabbis in Israel including the Gaon (Sage) Rav Ovadia Yosef Shlita. The Tzaddik Rav Chaim Freidlander ztz”l taught Rav Bar Lev the Kabalistic teachings of the Ramchal, Rav Moshe Chaim Luzzatto. Rav Bar-Lev’s first book, an introduction to the teachings of Kabbalah, was written with the encouragement of Rav Freidlander and it was was published a few months after his passing.

In addition to his Torah education Rav Bar-Lev earned his Ph.D. in educational psychology from the University of Arizona in 1976. He served as Principal of the Hebrew Academy in Savanah Georgia and a congregational Rabbi in San Francisco. Rav Yechiel was a lecturer at Tel Aviv University and he served in the Israeli army.