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Mezuzah 925 Sterling Silver & 24K Gold ISRAEL

Mezuzah 925 Sterling Silver & 24K Gold ISRAEL $43.00

Mezuzah 925 Sterling Silver & 24K Gold ISRAEL

Mezuzah 925 Sterling Silver & 24K Gold ISRAEL $39.00

Category : Mezuzahs
Category : Judaica
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Mezuzah 925 Sterling Silver & 24K Gold ISRAEL (zk-m-39)
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Mezuzah 925 Sterling Silver & 24K Gold ISRAEL

Mezuzah Case
925 Sterling  Silver & 24K Gold

Fix a Jerusalem Wall Mezuzah on your door post

 Purchase anything beautiful for your home and you have to protect it

 This beautiful Mezuzah is beautiful and it will protect you!

Your home will be beautiful and protected  with this astounding gold and silver Mezuzah. 

Retail Gallery Price $177

Height: 23 CM

Weight: 124 grams


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About Mezuzah

Fix a Mezuha on your doorpost to protect your home. For full protection, place one on every doorpost.

The mezuzah is a container made of wood, metal, glass, stone or ceramic, inside of which is a parchment with Deuteronomy 6:4-9 and 11:13-21 lettered on one side and the word Shaddai (Almighty) on the other. Usually the word Shaddai may be seen through an opening in the mezuzah or the word Shaddai or the letter shin on the front.

Human guards may protect your  home only when they are wake.
Electrical alarms may protect your home when you re asleep or away.
Only a Mezuzah will protect you and your home - always.



This item is hand made with two biblical metals - 925 Sterling Silver and 24 Karat gold - by Zadok Arts expert silver craftsmen in Jerusalem Israel.

The number "925" stamped on the item is the world standard for Sterling Silver purity at 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% alloy metal for strength.



About the Artist

The Zadok family is among the oldest gold and silver craftsman families in the world. Joseph Zadok was a seventh generation goldsmith and the personal goldsmith to the Royal Family of Yemen, before he came to Israel in 1949. Zadok created jewelry for the King of Yemen and his family and Zadok was in charge of minting of the coin of the Kingdom. In Yemen, Joseph Zadok taught his sons to work with their hands and fashion the most beautiful gold and silver jewelry pieces. After arriving in Israel, the Zadok family focused on creating religious items and jewelry ornately decorated with handmade filigree in the traditional Yemenite style.

Today, Joseph Zadok's grandchildren carry on the great family tradition as ninth generation silver and gold craftsmen is Jerusalem Israel. The times and the styles have changes and today the Zadok grandchildren produce a spectacular array of unique and fantastically beautiful 925 sterling silver items. The Zadok grandchildren developed new silver techniques, while maintaining the highest Quality of Kings for which the Zadok family is famous.

adok Arts created this item through the electroform process - the same process used for greatest works of modern silver art. Zadok begins work by hand crafting an original wax statues. Complex pieces are created by composing several statues into a complete work. Every item is handmade from 925 Sterling Silver by Zadok craftsman in Jerusalem Israel. Beautiful 24 Karat gold overlay highlights special features and additional materials provide support. Sterling silver decorated shofars made from natural animal horns and elegant hand blown glass and sterling silver composite works of art are totally unique - no two creations are exactly alike. The highest quality materials in the hands of skilled craftsmen in Israel offer remarkably beautiful and valuable creations that you'll be pleased to own or give as a very special gift.

Israel's silver craft originated with Betzalel in the Book of Exodus and flourished through times of the Great Temple in Jerusalem. After the destruction of the second Temple, master silversmiths from Israel were scatter to the silver centers of the world -- Rome, Spain, Portugal and Eastern Europe. With the founding of the State of Israel, the silversmiths of Israel and the Zadok family returned to the homeland of their ancestors.




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