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Jerusalem Silver Gold MYSTICAL Kiddush Wine Cup (KA-2216)
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Jerusalem Silver Gold MYSTICAL Kiddush Wine Cup


The Garden of Eden Rivers
MYSTICAL Kiddush Cup
with a Flat Base
925 Silver and 24K Gold


An amazing beautiful work of art!

This wine cup is a unique combination of
 - Rich 24K gold inside the cup
 - Sparkling mystical Kabalistic inscriptions
 - 925 silver gilted cup

You eyes are captured from a distance
by sparkling beauty

You hands grasp the
rich and solid feel

Marvel at the mystical Kabalistic
gold splendor inside (details below)

  Weight- Cup 61 grams  
  Dimensions in centimeters   


  Retail Gallery Price



It is more beautiful than this picture!

Bottom of the cup 925 SP
The inside of the MYSTICAL Kiddush Cup
Hebrew Words of the R'Sha'Sh


Words of The R'Sha'Sh  

The R'Sha'Sh was a great Kabalist living in Israel after the time of The Ari. The mystical inscriptions in this beautiful cup are based on three writings of The R'Sha'sh:

  • The letters inscribed in this cup are the keys to the Gateway of The Garden of Eden and they open the doors of Mercy
  • With these letters inscribed in the cup, there is no illness in the world that the letters will not heal
  • Concerning the names of the Rivers of The Garden of Eden and their inherent mystical properties, you will hear great and wondrous things

The Four Rivers of
The Garden of Eden
The Book pf Genesis (2-10) describes one river flowing from Eden, that divided into four head rivers to water the Garden. Kabala, in the Zohar, explains the deep meaning of the four rivers. Each river represents one way to learn truth based on one of the 10 holy emanations or spherot. Corresponding to each way, four people entered The Garden of Eden, but only one person left unharmed, since he united all four ways. The inscriptions in this cup represent the unity of all ways.
Materials and Craftsmanship This cup is made of three biblical metals - 24k gold, 925 silver and brass.
Ritual Purity Items manufactured in Israel have a ritually purity that can not benefit from immersion (tovel) in live waters (a mikve). This cup was designed in Jerusalem, but it was produced outside Israel and then brought back to Jerusalem. It is new, never used and 100% kosher. And it can benefit from ritual purity through immersion in a mikve with a blessing. The immersion and blessing can be conducted by a qualified person at any kosher mikve in the world. On request, BuyInIsrael will tovel your cup in Jerusalem by a holy man who goes to the mikve every morning before sunrise (or his brother). Please contact us for more information if you request this service.
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byxlaw (12) star

Apr-15-03 09:58:05 PDT




 Praise : BEAUTIFUL item. Excellent service. Great experience! Looking to deal again. A+++

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Tuesday, April 15, 2003 6:56 PM
Subject: Re: Thank you for your payment! eBay item #2166258565 Silver Gold MYSTICAL Kiddush Wine Cup - Dutch
Received the cups. They are BEAUTIFUL! Toda Raba!
Chag kosher VeSameach! I hope we all gather together next year in
Best of everything to you, your loved ones, and all the Yisroel!
Kindest regards,
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>Subject: Thank you for your payment! eBay item #2166258565 Silver Gold
>MYSTICAL Kiddush Wine Cup - Dutch Date:
Mon, 31 Mar 2003 11:51:04 PST
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>Shipping time: 7-14 days Airmail
>Thank you very much. Your business is much appreciated.

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